A fourteen year old boy, in Naples, has been the victim of a terrible abuse. The victim was in a car wash, to clean his own scooter. Three young men (twenty-four years old), who were there, began to tease the boy as “he was too fat”. One of the three executioners exclaimed: “We’re gonna blow you up, just like a ball!” Then they passed from words to deeds: one of them, Vincenzo Iacolare, took a compressed air gun, pulled down the teenager’s pants and blew air into the boy’s sphincter. This inconceivably violent gesture, this expression of inhuman ferocity, caused to the poor boy some serious intestinal injuries and the loss of much blood. After a very serious crisis, during which the health conditions of the boy seemed to be really worrying, the doctors of the Hospital, in Naples, informed that the patient has miraculously recovered.

The mugger, Vincenzo Iacolare, is an unemployed man with a criminal record: he is also the father of a two year old child. The parents of the boy who has been tortured are, now, overwrought: they just want justice. The relatives of the criminals who carried out this cruel and ruthless act said: “It was just a joke! They didn’t want to hurt him! ” I would like everyone to understand that actions like these are not at all innocent jokes, and that they must not happen again! Never again! We can no longer endure all this, and we must do something concrete to awaken the consciences. I phoned, today, to the Municipality of Naples to propose a massive initiative against these acts of hooliganism: I want to propose Naples as the capital of anti-bullying, anti-mobbing, any type of violence, both verbal and physical. I hope that this appeal will be heard by someone.


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