A few words about bullying and psychologists

When you had a story of psychological and even physical harassment is always recommended, for the person who has been harassed, a course of emotional treatment with some experts. This was, therefore, my choice, as a victim of bullying and mobbing. I met a few people who paid attention to me: some of them, I believe, have also taken to heart my case. However, the attitude of a psychologist should always be objective, dispassionate, in some ways even detached: I certainly understand that this is normal. What I do not understand, in such cases- I mean in cases like mine – is a critical, judgmental, almost polemic approach against those who have suffered such violence. This is not to say that all psychologists are the same: far from it.

On the contrary I found some, though few, with a great humanity and a deep predisposition to understand the others. I do not comprehend and even justify, however, an attack that is, somehow, ruthless towards the ‘errors’ of the victim: in some cases it has even been presented the real possibility that the blame for everything that happened was up to the victim: “You wanted to suffer. You are the one who is wrong”. Let’s make this clear: these attitudes are even worse than the act of bullying itself: the victim is already psychologically fragile, and these bitter reproaches do nothing but push those who are already ill into a world of pain. I’ve had these experiences with some psychologists in my country, in my city, and I definitely DO NOT want to think that these procedures are similar in other towns and other countries. If, however, there are some experts who believe that the victims are weak persons to destroy, then things are really bad. I remember, with tenderness, a television program produced in the US: there was the story of a sweet child, born with an ontogenetic defect. The documentary also showed the cruel attitudes of other children of the same age, who derided him for his stature. The child, then, would go to his mother, crying and seeking help: Mother is the most important figure for a child at that age. The words, holy and fair, that his mother spoke were: “You must not cry: you did not make any mistake. You did not do anything wrong. “

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