A girl of eighteen cannot die like this


Stop it now. I am fed up: enough is enough. I cannot stand any more to read such news.

A girl of eighteen, Brandy Vela, from Houston, Texas, has committed suicide in front of her parents. The reason? A group of bullies had targeted her: they kept on repeating that she was “fat.”

Now, look at her: do you really believe this girl is fat? As to me she is splendid, beautiful. I would like to see those bullies and the girls they deal with, as well as those of their families. I am sure the real monsters are the ones who caused this death.

And it had all been planned by Brandy; in fact the girl had left a heartbreaking letter to her sister, aged 22: “I cannot keep on anymore” was the sense of her message.

Tell me if anyone can bear to see a very young woman – who was so charming and who deserved to live a much longer life – committing suicide because of a group of cowards, of brainless scoundrels.

I write what I write here, knowing that only a few people – very few – will read it. Those animals that have led to suicide Brandy, however, will never read my words. And they will not care a bit of every negative comment that will be written about them: they will not be touched at all: they will keep on living happily in their stupidity. And this because such people has neither intelligence nor humanity.

So what changes? What happens if I get upset like this, until I blow up my coronary arteries? What if all people keep on condemning these acts that, in spite of this, continue to happen?

Change the teachers instead! Change the mind of their parents! Change the laws, once and for all, as I have been asking for a long time!

And also this time, damn it, no one will listen to me: even if I scream to the point of losing my voice.

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