È stata la mia prima volta. Non avevo mai incontrato, fino ad ora, i ragazzi di un Liceo per parlare di bullismo.

Ho parlato loro delle mie esperienze di vittima: non ho proposto soluzioni, non ho sbandierato verità. Le verità e le sicurezze non le ho. Ho solo mostrato le mie ferite, le mie fragilità ed ho condiviso le mie con le loro. Perché non mi sento un santo, ma tutto l’opposto e perché sento di avere tanto da apprendere, soprattutto da loro. In pratica ho chiesto ai ragazzi di aiutarmi a capire, e magari di trovarle insieme le risposte possibili, anche se non definitive.

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The drawings of Francis Allenby for ‘Save the Children’.


On December 7, 2015 Francis Allenby will be at Restaurant PINK, in Taranto (Italy) with his drawings, for an event entitled ‘Dedicated to a smile’: it will be a charity initiative in favor of all children in the world who suffer for inhuman and disadvantaged situations. The proceeds from the sale of the pictures will be donated entirely to the International Association SAVE THE CHILDREN.




This morning on TV I saw an old movie, THE SEA-WOLF, played by the great actor Edward G. Robinson. The film was nothing but the film version of a novel by Jack London: a story that reflects much of his adventurous life, mainly as a seaman.

In the film, as well as in the book, there is a bitter and terrible vision of life. On the ship, the captain (Wolf Larsen) exercises his power with arrogance, with extreme aggression: his way of managing the ship is characterized by his egocentrism, his not caring at all for the dignity of the people who depend on him. He just wants to humiliate, mortify, demean and he does this with unbelievable violence.

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Some horror films are nothing but symbols of bullying and mobbing


It is a sad evening and on television there’s a Franco-Belgian film titled CALVAIRE [THE ORDEAL in English]. I do not like French films, and usually I do not watch them; nonetheless some scenes seem to be worth considering: I decide, this way, to see this film to the end.

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A few words about bullying and psychologists

When you had a story of psychological and even physical harassment is always recommended, for the person who has been harassed, a course of emotional treatment with some experts. This was, therefore, my choice, as a victim of bullying and mobbing. I met a few people who paid attention to me: some of them, I believe, have also taken to heart my case. However, the attitude of a psychologist should always be objective, dispassionate, in some ways even detached: I certainly understand that this is normal. What I do not understand, in such cases- I mean in cases like mine – is a critical, judgmental, almost polemic approach against those who have suffered such violence. This is not to say that all psychologists are the same: far from it.

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Poche parole sul bullismo e gli psicologi

Quando si ha alle spalle una storia di vessazioni psicologiche e anche fisiche si consiglia sempre, per la persona vessata, un percorso terapeutico con degli esperti. Questa è stata, quindi, la mia scelta, in quanto vittima di atti di bullismo e di mobbing.

Ho incontrato qualche persona che mi è stata a sentire: alcune di loro, credo, abbiano anche preso a cuore il mio caso. Tuttavia l’atteggiamento di uno psicologo deve sempre essere oggettivo, spassionato, per certi versi anche distaccato: certo comprendo che questo è nella norma.

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A fourteen year old boy, in Naples, has been the victim of a terrible abuse. The victim was in a car wash, to clean his own scooter. Three young men (twenty-four years old), who were there, began to tease the boy as “he was too fat”. One of the three executioners exclaimed: “We’re gonna blow you up, just like a ball!” Then they passed from words to deeds: one of them, Vincenzo Iacolare, took a compressed air gun, pulled down the teenager’s pants and blew air into the boy’s sphincter. This inconceivably violent gesture, this expression of inhuman ferocity, caused to the poor boy some serious intestinal injuries and the loss of much blood. After a very serious crisis, during which the health conditions of the boy seemed to be really worrying, the doctors of the Hospital, in Naples, informed that the patient has miraculously recovered.

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Un ragazzo di 14 anni, di Napoli, è stato fatto oggetto di sevizie atroci.

La vittima si trovava in un autolavaggio, per far pulire il proprio motorino. Tre ventiquattrenni che si trovavano lì hanno cominciato a canzonarlo, perché era troppo grasso.

Uno dei tre carnefici ha esclamato: “Ora ti gonfiamo come una palla!”. Subito dalle parole si è passati ai fatti: uno di loro, Vincenzo Iacolare, presa una pistola ad aria compressa, ha abbassato i pantaloni dell’adolescente e ha soffiato con la pistola ad aria compressa nello sfintere del ragazzo.

Questo gesto, di una violenza inaudita, di una ferocia inumana, ha provocato al ragazzo gravissime lesioni intestinali e la perdita di molto sangue. Il ragazzo è stato ricoverato in fin di vita all’ospedale di Napoli, ma dopo molto tempo, quando le speranze che si salvasse sembravano scarse, egli si è miracolosamente ripreso.

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I am pleased to inform all the visitors of my blog that the book MOBBING: EMOTIONAL ABUSE IN THE AMERICAN WORKPLACE , written by Ms. Noa Zanolli Davenport, Ms. Ruth Distler Schwartz, Ms. Gail P. Elliott and illustrated by Ms. Sabra Vidali, will soon be available as an e-book online.

The work and the dignity of the individual

There's work, fine air and happiness for everyoneFor a piece of bread, for a spoonful of soupDeath at work

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