Hell on Earth, that is: How bullying destroys a frail spirit

bullismo inferno

The following is the contribution of my dearest, very young friend as well as fellow citizen: Valentina. It’s a pleasure to host her in my blog, a blog where I talk about bullying and mobbing. Valentina’s words, so clear, so simple, so straightforward and really honest can be useful, so that many people can understand and reflect.

Thank you Valentina: you are an extraordinary person.


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The drawings of Francis Allenby for ‘Save the Children’.


On December 7, 2015 Francis Allenby will be at Restaurant PINK, in Taranto (Italy) with his drawings, for an event entitled ‘Dedicated to a smile’: it will be a charity initiative in favor of all children in the world who suffer for inhuman and disadvantaged situations. The proceeds from the sale of the pictures will be donated entirely to the International Association SAVE THE CHILDREN.