Hell on Earth, that is: How bullying destroys a frail spirit

bullismo inferno

The following is the contribution of my dearest, very young friend as well as fellow citizen: Valentina. It’s a pleasure to host her in my blog, a blog where I talk about bullying and mobbing. Valentina’s words, so clear, so simple, so straightforward and really honest can be useful, so that many people can understand and reflect.

Thank you Valentina: you are an extraordinary person.


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L’Inferno caduto in Terra, ossia Come il bullismo può distruggere una psiche fragile


#Voce alle vittime


Quella che segue è la testimonianza di una mia carissima giovanissima amica nonché concittadina, Valentina. Mi fa tanto, tanto piacere ospitarla nel mio blog in cui parlo di bullismo e di mobbing. Le sue parole così chiare, semplici, dirette e davvero schiette potranno servire a molti, per capire, per riflettere.

Grazie Valentina: sei una persona straordinaria.


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This morning on TV I saw an old movie, THE SEA-WOLF, played by the great actor Edward G. Robinson. The film was nothing but the film version of a novel by Jack London: a story that reflects much of his adventurous life, mainly as a seaman.

In the film, as well as in the book, there is a bitter and terrible vision of life. On the ship, the captain (Wolf Larsen) exercises his power with arrogance, with extreme aggression: his way of managing the ship is characterized by his egocentrism, his not caring at all for the dignity of the people who depend on him. He just wants to humiliate, mortify, demean and he does this with unbelievable violence.

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